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      1. Contact us

        Add of head office: Dongdai Wharf, Zhang’An Street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
        Sales Tel: +86-576-88786686/89020081
        Purchase Dept.: +86-576-88786567/88781912
        Personnel Dept.: +86-576-88786543
        Fax: +86-576-88786538

        Development strategy

        Company positioning: the Jiangbei built into the internationalization of raw materials and preparations of parallel development of the characteristics of pharmaceutical companies.
        Corporate strategy: to complete the "two transition", highlighting a "fine" word, to achieve a "strong" word. The completion of the "two major transformation": that is to accelerate the export from the intermediate to the export of raw materials, pharmaceutical exports to accelerate the export of pharmaceutical exports to the preparation of the transformation; highlight a "fine" word: is to make the advantages of raw materials to do fine, To establish a Jiangbei pharmaceutical international brand; to achieve a "strong" word, the company does not greedy large foreign, with low-cost competition in the field of specialty and strong, the company made "fine" and "strong."